You’ve heard of Jacksonville Elite Movers. That comes from our nearly 7 years in business, moving residential and commercial clients to new destinations.

But there’s likely much you don’t know about the company, based in Jacksonville,FL . For example, did you know it has the largest moving network in the Florida? Or that it was established in 2009, when it was chartered to organize and coordinate operations among independent moving and storage companies. Or that it was the first household moving company to exceed $2 million in revenue in Jacksonville? That happened in 2011.

Among the things that make the company stand out is the scope of its operations. JEM can handle interstate and intrastate moves, and it customizes each move to its clients’ needs by using personal relocation consultants. We move 50,000 families every year with our fleet of more than 35 long-haul and regional vehicles and our more than 52 trained drivers.

Plus, Jacksonville Elite Movers is willing to do as much or as little as you need to make your moving experience less stressful. We’ll handle the whole thing – packing, loading, transporting and unpacking – or you can do your own packing and unpacking. We’ll even meet you halfway and pack only your fragile and high-value possessions.

We’ve learned many things during our years in business. But the most important lesson is that the customer’s needs always come first. We believe that’s a big reason we were the proud recipients of a Jacksonville’s Most Recommended Moving Company.

How to contact Jacksonville Elite Movers

To start your request for a FREE estimate on moving your household items, fill out and submit the short form above or call 1-904-999-0130.


Roovet Local Corp.
Division of Jacksonville Elite Movers
Jacksonville, FL 32211
Telephone: 1-904-999-0130

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